Launching New Universities in Emerging Economies

In emerging economies where many new universities are being developed, launch-critical aspects are under-recognized in the planning stages. New universities that are successfully launched and are sustainable have common characteristics right from the time that serious planning begins: a) clarity of vision and purpose, b) good governance, c) sound understanding of the market, d) early hiring of an experienced academic leader, e) a detailed faculty recruitment plan, f) academic policies in place before students matriculate and g) a formal (if) transitional organizational structure. (full article)

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The Critical Role of Gap Analysis in Planning New Hospitals in Emerging Markets

In emerging economies, critical gaps in planning new hospitals are often overlooked, especially the availability of skilled high quality professional workforce. (full article)

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Governance in Healthcare – Linkages, Boundaries and the Problems between Corporate and Clinical Governance

The basics of governance within healthcare systems, especially the linkages and boundaries between corporate and clinical governance, are often ill understood inside health organizations. At times of significant turmoil and change in healthcare, one aspect of improved performance is clarification of the roles and responsibilities in the corporate and clinical governance arms of the institution and working with the major confounders of effective governance – people and customs (full article)

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The Nautilus as a Metaphor for Explaining a New Medical Curriculum

Images of the nautilus provide a powerful metaphor for explaining complicated concepts, structures and relationships in an entire medical education curriculum. (full article)

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New Leadership in Medicine

A new type of medical leader is needed in healthcare – professionals who can build the identity of their institution, create linkages internally and externally, interpret complexity and model ethical behavior. (full article)

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Developing and Re-developing Graduate Medical Education around the World

Education of the next generation of doctors is complex and undergoing reform around the world. Three key elements in these changes will be governance, funding and practical/operational considerations. (full article)

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